New exhibition En un altre món (In another world) by Jaume Muñoz

We are proud announce the opening of  En un altre món (In another world) by Jaume Muñoz, artist and poet from Barcelona.

The official opening reception will take place on  Setember 23rd, and the exhibition is part of the program of the Off Revela’t festival , the international analog photography festival. There will be a guided tour by the artist, all complying with the measures for COVID-10 spread prevention.

En un altre món is an exploration of worlds that do not exist, but are still visible. It picks up on Charles Baudelaire’s statement that poetry is the most real thing there is, but that it is only completely true in another world.

The photographs in this series are what Jaume Muñoz calls hostiographs, which are double exposures forced on a single-use camera, Muñoz became fascinated by the simplicity with which such a basic tool can achieve evocative and surprising images. All the photographs have been taken with Konica or Ilford single-use cameras with 35 mm film.


Jaume Muñoz

23.09 – 07.11.2021
Opening 23.09.2021, 7pm

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