THE GOOD PAIN – Ritual of Self-Sacrifice in Four Acts
Roger Rossell

For years, Rossell has witnessed the particular “odyssey” of the Hungarian artist Pina Brutal in her relationship with pain. To overcome fear of physical pain she decided to confront him and begin to experiment, and little by little he was raising the level of intensity of the experience doing it at the same time performatively.

The Good Pain – Ritual of self-sacrifice in four acts is a raw but sensitive work that addresses the nature of self-inflicted pain, the body itself offered in sacrifice for a self-benefit. A ritual of self discovery that took Rossell to parallelly question himself and the “normal” approach to pain in nowadays western society.  Addressing from each one of the phases of ritual sacrifice: presentation, consecration, invocation and immolation, it presents a change in the paradigm of pain, not only for those who experience it directly, also for those who see it.

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