Anna Bresolí

This project came to light through an intimate process of mourning transition after a failed relationship of the artist. Bresolí went through the different phases of the mourning through the photographs, memories and gifts that shaped the failed relationship, investigating their relative importance in the memory and the role they play in the process of overcoming it.
The photographs that make up the series are printed on pages of the book “El Amante” by Marguerite Duras “from the edition of Tusquets Editores, 1984 as cyanotypes . A book, at one point a gift, that tells of a devious relationship, perhaps a premonition. But the book is also a symbol of wisdom, of learning, which, being deconstructed, symbolizes turning the page and refers to the expiration of the pages. Leaves that hang, wings that can be carried by the wind in a breath: expiration, lightness, delicacy, fragility.
As in other projects of her, the exhibition of more or less decontextualized human bodies, in an intimate and ethereal style, plays a central role in his work. Bresolí uses them when transmitting sensations and feelings that are difficult to verbalize and summarize in one word.
“There will come a time when we will not know what name to give to what unites us. His name will gradually be erased from our memory and then completely disappear. ” Marguerite Duras



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Cyanotype on 8 book pages

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