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The challenge of creating a sincere dialog and a refuge for oneself is the basis of my principle of creation. The process is not easy, since there are many self-inflicted filters to be erased before turning into a pure channel and transmit crucial information to this collective intelligence from which we feed back.

All creations are already there, we are all creators, because we come from the creation and the mission of every one of us in this world is to create our own universe, our own refuge. My motivation is to contribute, to inspire, to open up to all that surrounds me, for we are what we teach. I want to go deeper to be able to merge in the essence, in the purity of life. We artists are only the channel to remind us all where we come from and what we are capable of doing.


Project Sounds of Our Suffocation by Anna Bresoli in Projekteria [Art Gallery ]
Sounds of Our Suffocation

Project Decompositions by Anna Bresoli in Projekteria [Art Gallery]

The Lover by Marguerite Duras

Elogio del Olvido

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