ELOGIO DEL OLVIDO (Praise for Oblivion)
Anna Bresolí

Elogio del Olvido is a conceptual project that shows the transition between a sharp memory an its abstraction. Inspired by the book In Praise of the Shadow by Junichiro Tanizaki, Bresolí conceived this project  based on the fascination that she has always felt for how humans define what is ugly or what is beautiful, according to the society and the time in which we live.

Some memories are so important that we believe that they are completely stored in our mind, but they are not perfect records, they can change and deform over time. In today’s society, memory loss is considered something negative, and Anna Bresolí wanted to represent it through an abstract pictorial confused with photography that is disturbing and hypnotic.

The work consists of a set of 15 images accompanied by a video with original music by the artist. It is a “living” work in which the latent, hidden image appears when applying water on the canvas, which fades again when dried. A completely analog process, which can be seen in the video.

The chosen images are memories of the artist’s own experiences that are already beginning to fade in her memory.

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