Secret Friends

In the world of AnaHell one day, by chance, a mysterious creature appeared, the first of many secret friends. And she decided to go find them all over the world, photographing them in everyday situations, showing their absurd and surreal world. Secret Friends tries to bend reality with a touch of satire, to find a different point of view from the perspective of these intriguing beings.

Using the human body as a canvas, AnaHell draws the expressions of the face on the backs of her models and makes them bend their bodies to hide the torso. This way she creates these secret little friends and photographs them in “very banal, everyday situations” with the aim of creating “an absurd and surreal world with a touch of satire that, after the initial confusion, does not leave indifferent”.

Secret Friends aims to poke fun at everyday life by quite literally bending reality and creating a new dimension in the midst of ordinary situations. This photo series takes place all around the world, playing with clichés and documenting the cities and places that people live in. Secret Friends mixes a paracosm with documentary photography to create images that have a strong duality of the real and the surreal.

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