Alberto Franco Díaz
“Grolier”is a project whose main objective is to delve into the concepts of landscape and history from two poles that are in the same continuum, the given, understood as the independent consequence of the actions of the natural, and the built, seen from human representation and, therefore, social terrain.The elements used to structure the project are: an old encyclopedia of Art History rescued from being thrown away, the effect of the passage of time on it and the human need to categorize the world.

We can find a parallelism between the physical support of the book, the paper, the ink, the adhesive and its relationship with the imprint left by the environment it has endured until it is photographed and the content expressed in words when crossed with the noise of information created around the subject treated in each volume. From a poetic point of view, there is an intention to contemplate the exterior and its opposite, the interior, from a landscape or territorial perspective, the paper cover and its palpable texture and the words that give conceptual meaning to each volume.

Grolier 02 El arte italiano hasta 1850

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