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I have a deep desire to see, this desire leads me to create devices that generate a poetic vision of the process necessary to fulfill that desire.
Aesthetic experience, study and self-criticism are the tools I use to get to know the pillars that support the present context of the issues that I usually work on and I am interested in. The process of breaking down these pillars, rebuild and re-shoot them down cyclically produces an orderly ruin which is the basis of my work process.
Memory and forgetting, the city and nature, success and failure, ruin and prosperous, are the issues I usually reflect on and I am obsessed with, being the origin of the conclusions I came upon the man, his mind and its relationship with the space / time.


Project Campo de juego by Alberto Franco Diaz in Projekteria [ Art Gallery ]
Campo de Juego

Postcards for nine
Postcards for Nine Songs


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