New exhibition PAISAJES SʘLARES ɸ 41ºN de Jordi Bofill Cunillera

We are proud announce the opening of  Paisajes solares ɸ 41ºN by JB Cunillera.

The official opening reception will take place on  June 30th and a second opening will take place on July 17th as the exhibition is part of the program of the Experimental Photo Festival Barcelona.

Jordi Bofill Cunillera is a photographer who is passionate about solarigraphy and this photosensitive experience in physical installation format. PAISAJES SʘLARES ɸ 41ªN, shows 5 alternative and experimental photography projects where art and science are mixed. Some of them are interactive, being able to manipulate, even create and modify the landscape. With the special participation of international artists, such as Yoshihito Suzuki and Me Lata, in two of them.


Jordi Bofill Cunillera

30.06 – 08.09.2023
Opening 30.06.2023, 7pm and Re-opening with EXP Festival Monday 17.07.23, 7pm