Alberto Franco Diaz, AnaHell, Anna Bresoli, Daffke Hollstein,
Diambra Mariani, Jordi Comas, Jose Navarrete, Roger Rossell,
Sasha R Gregor (aka Roger Grasas) and Yurian Quintanas.
2 – 27 April 2019
Opening April 4th 2019, 7, pm
Galerie Rastoll
16, Rue Sainte Anastase
75003 – Paris (France)  

From Tuesday, 2nd to Saturday 27th April

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7 pm  13 h. – 19 h.

The Exhibition is part of the program of Expolaroid and Mois Off de la Photo’19 Festivals.


With the aim to explore new ways to promote the work of its represented artists, Projekteria [Art Gallery] travels to Paris in the month of photography to open a Pop-Up Gallery in the heart of the Marais, only two steps away from the Picasso Museum, during the month of April, offering not only an exhbition but also a  program of presentations and artist’s talks!

An exhibition to strongly show the plurality of approaches, techniques and thematics with which the artists try to transform their concerns in a world, that of photography, questioning its own meaning and relevance. 

The official opening will be on April 4. at 7pm.


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