Opening 01.09.2017, 7 pm



To celebrate 4 years of existence of their project, ​Polaroid of the day​, ​Andrés Aguilar Caro and Alina Cvetkova have selected a part of the best photographers who have participated in this online magazine since its creation, forming the exhibition ​”The decisive light​”. Each photographer has chosen a work which reflects the metaphysics or theology of light, a line of thought within an aesthetic philosophy that identified light with divine beauty. In ​Polaroid of the day they wanted to work with this universal theme, moved by the magic that results in the relationship of light and photography. All the selected photographers have something in common: a delicate way of working with the protagonist, The Light.


Cristina Altieri, Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde, Michael Behlen, Ale Bu, Daffke Hollstein, Sven van Driessche, Kirsty Fenton, Rachel Frank, Urizen Freaza, Vincent Gabriel, Philippe Galanopoulos, Anna Garcia, Ale di Gangi, Elizabeth Herman, Joe Hermer, Pierre-Henri Janiec, Louis Little Lincera, Jenna Mann, Emiliano Martin,
Herr Merzi, Ivan Pujol, Efrén Razquin ,Iván Rodríguez Faba, Natalia Romay, Thierry Melo Siqueira, Anthony Stone, Marjolaine Vuarnesson, Lilian Wildeboer and YRKA.PICTURED

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