MÉDUSES (Jellyfishes)
Mercedes Cosano

Jellyfishes is a project that allows to see and feel the process of destruction of the marine ecosystems that has been occurring for several years as a result of human activities.

Inspired by the numerous scientific researches that predict the disappearance of the vast majority of marine species, Mercedes Cosano seeks to express, through a poetic process, the violence of the consequences of our ways of life. Thus, she makes the brutal metamorphosis of our ecosystems visible, where, according to several scientific studies, only an oceanic desert full of jellyfish will be left.

The images are not intended to make the viewer afraid of the animal, but to be able to observe its terrifying beauty: jellyfishes are aerial in the water, ghostly, made of nothing, of everything, pulsation, sigh… Their absolute poetry is an invitation to contemplate a world where only they exist, almost blind witnesses to multitude of shapes, colors, behaviors, textures. Unawared carriers of an alert message.


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