[CV Daffke Hollstein]



As “romantic” photographer, I love photography. The true, honest Photography, far from any flat, digitally retouched artificial image data in which dwells no soul. But I do also embrace the new, digital technology and I use it and enjoy it also. I am photographer from the heart and despite many years taking photographs within my own visual language I keep on experimenting with different techniques and methods, aiming to master techniques that provide me the best framework to express my inquisitiveness through photography.
A core theme of my work deals with the issue of identity in a broad sense: I refer not only to my own, personal identity conflict, but also with collective, more subtle identities that arise from human interventions. Sometimes documental, other more conceptual, in my projects the method, the technique and the material are to me just as important as the concept of the project, as they both have to comply with it in order to underline and enhance the project’s subject.


Transfer of Deshabitation
Urban Nature

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