[CV Yurian Quintanas] 



I’m neither from here nor from there, I was born there, in Amsterdam in 1983, but I grew up here in Catalunya, where I’m currently living. Here I work in my personal photographic projects focused on photographing the people, the natural environment and my own surroundings. I use photography to approach the intangible, the hidden side, and explore its mysteries. Nor I take photographs to inform, although everything that appears in my pictures is real, they are things and people that are there, but seen from my reality. This is what attracts me more about photography, that its a tool that allows me to bring the world around me to my own ground. To photograph is to play with the limits of reality and fiction, and this makes it very attractive, because it makes you think and doubt, for me much more than painting or sculpture, where the intervention of the artist is much more evident.
I’m not sure that what I am saying now will be valid in the near future, but if after a while I take pictures of beautiful flowers and optimistic things it will mean that I will have evolved, and definitely lived more.


Silent Rooms